An integral part of the TDSS experience is the recreational element provided by the College's spacious grounds; there are tennis courts, an indoor sports hall and a large heated outdoor swimming pool (with lifeguard).


In addition to a variety of organised sports and other events there is the ever popular treasure hunt and ‘midnight’ feast.


One of the busiest locations for children between lessons is the art room where, looked after by Maureen, children can paint draw and create their own painted t-shirts. For parents, there are inspirational talks on Suzuki, his ideas and the practical application of his techniques. At these times, children will be looked after in musicianship lessons.

Also for parents there is organised music making (choir & orchestra) in the evenings. If you wish to take part, please bring your instruments with you.


Alexander Technique. Also available are lessons in Alexander Technique, a method of avoiding tension in everyday activity through awareness of balance, posture and movement. Now taught in many schools and colleges it can help the all-round development of a player's potential. Lessons are available, at extra charge, on a first-come first-served basis, and can be booked on the application form or directly with the teacher during the course.